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Fearless Kid Joins NFL Cheerleaders

Urrybody love him, urry- urrybody love himĀ 

I was there for this!!!!

And sing for me softly, love
your song for tomorrow
And tell me my name’s the one
that’s hidden in there somewhere

And dream for me anything,
but dream it in color
About how we know the sun’s still
rising and we don’t care




So freaking sick.

So freaking sick.

HOW did this picture surface?!? Hahahah embarrassing.

HOW did this picture surface?!? Hahahah embarrassing.

This song is stuck in my head all the time…I absolutely love it.

Well hi….

Hey everyone…this is my first post on Tumblr and I’m pretty excited to see what this site is all about. I will be posting a lot of pictures and quotes because those are things that interest me most. Music will also be something popular on here, especially lyrics!

Stay tuned ;)

<3 Lauren